IT talk: «DevOps Day: Ansible Galaxy, Terraform & Azure + Ansible»

24 września

czwartek, 17:00

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Join us to hear 3 experienced DevOps experts who will share their practical knowledge and answer all your technical questions about Ansible, Terraform & Azure. The event is for beginners, as well as for experienced audience.

«Ansible Galaxy. What is it?» by Karen Danielyan, DevOps Engineer, DataArt 

Ansible Galaxy is a repository for Ansible Roles that are available to drop directly into your Playbooks to streamline your automation projects. We will discover a bit Ansible Galaxy, its structure, and how and when you can put it to use.

Karen Danielyan, DevOps Engineer, DataArt 

Systems/DevOps Engineer with 14+ years of experience in Software development and Systems/Network Administration. Experienced with Software Development Lifecycle and Agile methodologies such as Scrum. Also, I have team management experience in both Systems Administration and Software Engineering projects.

«Azure + Ansible. Practical use cases.» by Jakub Muszynski, DevOps Engineer, SO1

Let’s see how to manage Azure environment with Ansible. I will give the overview of the solution with introduction for beginners. Then, we will discover case studies to see how to create small project 'as a code' and deploy with one Ansible command.

Jakub Muszynski, DevOps Engineer, SO1

Jakub has been working for various companies, first as a Senior Administrator and then as a DevOps Engineer. He knows very well Ansible, Kubernetes and discovers more and more platforms in DevOps environment. He is well experienced in designing and building production systems from scratch.

«Cloud infrastructure management with Terraform» by Radoslaw Maziarka, Technical Product Owner, Trainer & Consultant

Terraform is one of the tools for managing your infrastructure as part of the Infrastructure as Code process. It allows you to declaratively define and configure cloud resources. In contrary to ARM or AWS Cloud Formation has a set of connectors to many different service providers, which makes it a very versatile tool. Terraform integrates perfectly with CI / CD processes, which allows it to be included in everyday development practices.

Radoslaw Maziarka, Technical Product Owner, Trainer & Consultant

Solution Architect, Team Leader and developer in the .NET area, who gives presentations and conducts workshops, as well as organizes software conferences. After work, he supports companies in IT projects and provides technical help to non-governmental organizations. He is devoted to delivering value gradually, in small steps. You can catch him on his blog and Twitter @RadekMaziarka.


Language of the event: English

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5:00 PM

«Ansible Galaxy. What is it?»

Karen Danielyan, DevOps Engineer, DataArt

5:45 PM

«Azure + Ansible. Practical use cases»

Jakub Muszynski, DevOps Engineer, SO1

6:30 PM


6:35 PM

«Cloud infrastructure management with Terraform»

Radoslaw Maziarka, Technical Product Owner, Trainer, Consultant