IT talk: «Let’s start 2020: Azure & Soft Skills»

27 lutego

czwartek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy

DataArt Wrocław, Plac Grunwaldzki 23

Let's start the new year with two amazing presentations on our IT Talk! This time, we will listen to Jarosław Danilczuk who will talk about the use of Managed Identity in Azure and Sergey Poliakov who is coming directly from Berlin and he will have a presentation about happiness and self-fulfillment in working environment.
  • «Managed Identity in Azure - Practical Notes for C# Developers (ASP Core/Functions)» by Jarosław Danilczuk, DataArt [ENG]

Many architects/developers do not consider security aspects and code access principles at the design or creation stage. Managed Identity was created in order to manage permissions and application/resource identities "automatically". The use of MI increases security, facilitates control and management and the creation and implementation of solutions in Azure. The speaker will talk about the practical aspects of using MI when creating code in C# for Azure.

Jarosław Danilczuk, Senior .NET Developer in DataArt, Wroclaw

Jarosław has been involved in the creation and implementation of IT systems for companies since 2002. He has been dealing with Azure and ASP Core since 2015. Security and data protection consultant in small and medium-sized companies. Proponent of the principle: "If something can be automated it should be, man is for creative tasks".

  • «Career Decisions: Quit or Get Involved» by Sergey Poliakov, Travel Audience, Berlin [ENG]

Should I stay or should I go? You can catch yourself thinking about it after another farewell party, good-bye email, 1:1 with your manager, company update or looking at how your new coworker watching movies at work. Having experience in different jobs before IT in this talk, I will raise questions of happiness and self-fulfillment at the working space, the possibilities to have open conversations about it with your management and supervisors, how to find the courage to try to change something before handling your resignation and why "just quit" is not always a meaningful statement.

Sergey Poliakov, Frontend Developer, Travel Audience, Berlin

Sergey is a Frontend Developer at Travel Audience in Berlin. He is working with React, GraphQL, TypeScript and styled-components. Although he is only 29, it's already his second career. Before he got a Bachelor and Master Degree in Journalism in Saint-Petersburg and was working for a small travel startup until the fall of the Russian rouble in 2014. It was then when he made his best investment - he learned how to code.


Language: English

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«Managed Identity in Azure - Practical Notes for C# Developers (ASP Core/Functions)» by Jarosłąw Danilczuk [ENG]

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«Career Decisions: Quit or Get Involved» by Sergey Poliakov [ENG]

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