Node.js Meetup #7

16 czerwca

wtorek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy
We're glad to announce that we're going to conduct the 7th meetup on June 16th! It's a great opportunity to gather again and discuss Node.js in a friendly and casual atmosphere. 

Join us >>> HERE, on Tuesday, Jun 16th at 6 pm!

"Why so hard?" by Oleksandr Tryshchenko [EN]

A year ago, I talked with my friend, who started his yet another small project with Node and AWS. I immensely enjoyed his explanation of his architecture. However, some protest has ignited inside me, and I started my research and experiments on how we can do smaller things less complicated. I want to share my findings with you.

  • Areas and domains where simpler approaches are feasible.
  • Low concurrency databases.
  • Low concurrency caching strategies.
  • How to design a small app in a way writing tests is easier.
  • How to host app without cloud infrastructure.
  • Ten lines of code CI/CD for small projects.
  • Fault tolerance for small apps.
  • Basic security.

I won't just tell you about things, but create an app using all those things during our talk during the webinar so that you can think of it as a micro-workshop as well.

About the speaker:

Alex is working as a senior software engineer in Freshbooks, Amsterdam. He has nine years in the industry and works with JavaScript since 2014. He also does genetic research using Node.js, actively found on conferences and meetups across Europe.