QA talk: Find Time to Find Bugs, Make Mistakes, and Learn From Them

21 września

czwartek, 13:47

Wstęp darmowy

DataArt Wrocław
Plac Grunwaldzki 23, Wrocław

DataArt company is happy to invite you to the next QA talk in Wroclaw! Presentations will be in English. We host QA talk at our office (map). Free entrance for participants! 

«Yes, you need time for bugfixes» by Kinga Witko

"We don't always test our code - but when we do - we do it in production" - this common saying perfectly describes at least one project that people have heard of. Legacy code, years of bad practices, thousands of end-users.
This paper won't be a thrilling story about zombies, but a short presentation describing how to learn from your mistakes.
What if some of the bugs might be foreseen at the beginning of the development? Are we able to prepare ourselves? Shall we try?
Time matters - especially if there is a fixed deadline.

Kinga Witko, Software Tester at New Voice Media. A girl in IT. An experienced software tester. Cat-lover. Fantasy books fan. I live and work in Wroclaw. I can break almost every application. I am interested in user experience and its implementation in making great applications. I am also fan of agile methodologies, curious about novelties in astronomy and new technologies. You can also visit my blog.

«How I ended up in the hall of f(sh)ame... repeatedly» by Tomasz Wszelaki

There's a saying "Learn from your mistakes" but it's painful to actually commit a mistake and then learn from it, so I think a better saying and a better approach to learning is "Learn from other people's mistakes!" That's precisely what this talk is all about. I've committed countless mistakes in these past 7 years and would like to tell you what I learned in the process, so that you can learn from MY mistakes. I'll talk about testing in general, test automation, interactions with other team members, and a few more topic that will hopefully help you avoid some of the most painful errors.

Tomasz Wszelaki, QA Automation Specialist, DataArt. Tester with over 7 years of experience who loves breaking things ever since he got his first set of LEGO bricks. Passionate about test automation, integration of testing tools and self-improvement... and electronics... and Dungeons & Dragons... and standup comedy...

The event will be broadcast on our YouTube channel.

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