Webinar «Graal as a Multi-language platform»

21 kwietnia

wtorek, 18:00

Wstęp darmowy
Everything what you want to know about Graal in 2020.

Last year we witnessed an interesting transformation of the Java platform — from steady Java-centric language platform to multilingual one. GraalVM is a research project developed by Oracle Labs and it’s already in production. It is an appealing project that has a lot of interesting features — Just-In-Time(JIT) written in Java, polyglot runtime, efficiency, good performance, Ahead of Time Compilation (AOT). In the presentation, you will find how to run applications written in different languages on top of GraalVM.

You will learn:

  • How to run JavaScript/R/Python on top of GraalVM.
  • What makes it possible.
  • What is Truffle framework and what are its benefits.
  • Your own language on top of GraalVM.
  • What's new in GraalVM 20.0.0 for multilanguage projects.


Denis Dushyn, Java Software Engineer, DataArt.

He has been working in IT for over 10 years. Denis is interested in theory of programming languages and design. He is a big fan of functional languages, static code analysis and formal methods in software development.

Language of the webinar: English.