Our Statement on Ukraine

Our Statement on Ukraine
The darkest days in DataArt history came.

The scale of war is increasing. Innocent civilians are hurt and killed. There is no way to justify the war and those responsible for it. We express full support to Ukrainians and the hard choices they had to make: to stay or to go.

DataArt will continue supporting all employees regardless of the reasons they are not able to work at the moment. Our Emergency Response Teams only check if somebody has an immediate need for financial or other help. We have set up a Humanitarian Relief fund and direct millions of dollars to help those remaining in Ukraine and those who have to rebuild their lives elsewhere.

We will work non-stop to restore the flow of clients and projects to Ukraine and restore its rightful place in the IT industry.

DataArt is now in damage control mode. Everybody in the leadership team feels shock and anger, we condemn this aggression initiated by the Russian Federation and have extreme motivation to help colleagues in Ukraine and the people of Ukraine, we are doing everything possible to help.

DataArt has stopped all investment, hiring and business development activities in Russia. We are still responsible for all of our colleagues and will fulfill all the obligations to our employees and clients. The official corporate policy has always prescribed to avoid government contracts in Russia, so we have contracts with private companies only. Our clients oppose the war, as do we.

As ever before, our values are strong. We made it clear that whoever supports this invasion, aggression and chauvinism won't be able to work with us.

To our colleagues everywhere: the war must be stopped by those who can stop it. We must and will work to help the people of Ukraine under any circumstances.