Lublin,  Wrocław
Lublin,  Wrocław

About the vacancy

The DataArt team is modernizing the IT structure of one of the world's market leaders in financial analytics. The company is based in New York.

The company's annual revenue is estimated at billions of USD. Thanks to the system's improvements, our client will gain the ability to enrich their customer experience and gain new competitive advantages. We have developed concepts as well as business software solutions for the corporation using a modern technological stack.

In this role, you will be a member of the team creating and supporting some of the industry’s leading software solutions for the finance industry. This solution provides data and analytics with advanced reporting and aggregation. You will be involved in all aspects of the SDLC, working directly with key business stakeholders to build and support key applications.

Must have

  • 5+ years of C++ programming experience
  • Experience with Socket APIs, REST/Web APIs
  • Understanding of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Experience in software development for the finance industry
  • Basic finance domain knowledge
  • Experience with dependency injection
  • Experience with unit testing and TDD
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, taking into account technical dependencies
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • Understanding of software development concepts
  • Experience working in an Agile team, preferably in a DevOps environment
  • Spoken English

Would be a plus

  • Knowledge of Python, C#, MySQL

Learn more about our policy of equal opportunities in employment

Work at DataArt is

People first

Our relationships with clients and colleagues are based on mutual respect, no matter what differences we may have.

  • Long-term partnership
  • Respect for individuality and freedom of expression
  • Flexible schedule, comfortable offices, and the ability to work from home
  • Market-driven compensation and health care
  • High quality internal administrative services


Get the opportunity to unleash your potential in DataArt's ecosystem

  • Highly qualified team
  • Communities and knowledge sharing
  • English classes
  • Internal educational system


Freedom to explore and opportunities to get new experience and knowledge. Constant willingness to change

  • Work contract with DataArt, not project based employment
  • Flat structure
  • Minimum rules
  • Rules and policies change with context, while values stay the same
  • Easy movement among offices and opportunities for relocation


The ability to count on each other and the willingness to trust people lies at the heart of relationships in DataArt

  • Management via context, bottom-up decision making. We avoid micromanagement
  • Clear equal rules and policies
  • Fair management
  • No ranking vs others, no regular reassessments. Fair seniority assessment

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Wyślij do nas swoje CV, a my znajdziemy taką, która będzie atrakcyjna i dopasowana do Ciebie

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